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Holiday/Overnight Boarding;

Overnight Boarding (per 24hr period)

for example drop off at 10am Monday and collect 10am Tuesday            £25 PN


Subsequent dog(s) same family (as above)                                              £20 each PN


Overnight Boarding (over 24hrs but not 2 nights)

for example drop off at 10am Monday and collect 4pm on Tuesday         £40 PN


Subsequent dog(s) same family (as above)                                              £30 each PN



Per dog per day (Monday - Friday)                                                            £20 each PD



What clients say about us;


“I have been using Nuts about Mutts for several years now and can honestly say just how superb the experience has been , not only for me but for my dog.  Lois is very accommodating and for regular clients will work to find a solution for you - drop offs outside usual hours etc.  Run from home the dogs are in a family environment  and are free to run about and play as they like.  What makes Nuts about Mutts different  is that they are firm and caring.  Dogs are taught right from wrong, to play nice, to socialise and be well behaved but to also to be fun loving creatures and when needed show the additional care….On one or two occasions my dog has not been too well on the morning when being dropped off.  Lois kept an eye on him and let me know when and if things got worse.  Once it did and I am ever so thankful, because he needed surgery.  She looked after him before and after, at times I could not” - Labrador


“You can clearly see Lois loves all the dogs she has in her care, treats them like her own - I would highly recommend her services” - Beagle


“Lois has looked after my mothers dog for a very long time and know that we couldn’t trust anyone else to look after her, she is quite a nervous dog and Lois has built the trust with her which is marvellous.  I have to attend a lot of appointments with my mother as she is disabled, on occasions when I can’t be there Lois has been kind enough to pick her dog up and drop her back again which is above and beyond her duty seeing as Lois doesn't normally offer this service.  She is also so very flexible and always there for when we need her” Terrier Cross


“We are very pleased with the service that Lois provides.  My husband and I both work long hours and we live 15 miles from work and where Lois lives.  If it wasn’t for her flexibility we would be very stranded…Robbie adores his playtimes and sleepovers with the other dogs and is very happy and relaxed there…If we forget his food she is always happy to feed him at no extra cost.  We would have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone” Terrier Cross


“I am so pleased with the ‘home from home’ service provided by Nuts about Mutts.  My two dogs have always been very well looked after  and I can leave them both with complete peace of mind in Lois’s care” - 2 x Clumber Spaniels


“I have been a client of Nuts about Mutts for over 3 years and have always had complete confidence that my dogs health and well-being is of paramount importance to Lois.  I intend to use her services for many years to come” Springer Spaniel


“My dog throughly enjoys his time at Nuts about Mutts, its a very hard decision on who to entrust your family member with, so I chose very carefully.  Deefer took to Lois straight away and as soon as we get close to her house he starts to wag his tail and cry to get out of the car.  He happily trots in as if he owns the place!” - Staffordshire Bull Terrier


“I am so grateful for all that Lois does for us and our dog, we couldn't do this (work) without her.  The love, care and time she puts into my beautiful dog is noticeable and he is a very happy puppy…I can’t recommend her services enough” - Springer Spaniel


“We own a 14 year old black Labrador who has been staying with Lois for over two years now.  He’s really old and can sometimes been a little incontinent and grumpy, all he requires is his food, a soft bed and to be left to his own devices.  It has been such a relief to to us to find Lois who understands his need perfectly, she even had her own bedding especially for him, so that she wouldn’t be handing back potentially ‘wet’ bedding.  Along with his great age he is also deaf and blind and there are not many people who would be happy to accommodate him - Lois does this willingly and with great consideration to his needs and this enables us to get away for long weekends and where work commitments arise” - Labrador


“I have been regularly using Nuts about Mutts for the past 3 years, her service is very professional, flexible and efficient - I own a Jack Russell who can be temperamental but always enjoys his time spent there” - Jack Russell


“Me and my girlfriend moved into Cucklington Gardens in 2015 and we decided on getting a little dog and we wanted to get her socialised from a very young age.  We found Lois through the internet!  She’s been brilliant and has helped me out a lot, even lending us her little dog Ted so Lacey can play in different environments.  We always find Lacey happy and safe” - Puggle


“I feel lucky and privileged to have been using Lois’s services for over 6 years, Dudley has been attending the day care service Lois provides since he was a puppy, she has always been flexible and responsive to our needs as and when required…I have always found Lois to be an experienced and extremely capable individual, she has an extensive knowledge about dogs, handles them in a safe and caring way, advises and supports owners when required and makes the dogs in her care a priority…She has always kept us informed of Dudleys diet (he has many dietary needs), had made sure he’s had his medication at times when its been required and ensured that he has not been at risk of coming to harm” Large Munsterlander


“Lois has been taking care of our Border Terrier for over a year now, my wife and I are delighted at the service Lois provides….she is (Lois) very conscientious of the particular needs of each dog, she clearly loves them all and this is evident in our dog when we collect him, in our opinion her facilities are safe, secure and very comfortable for the dogs and gives us great peace of mind” - Border Terrier


“I have used there services of Lois at Nuts about Mutts for my two dogs for the past three years and she's always very professional, courteous and organised, she has always taken my instructions on board and made the handover of my dogs as easy as possible.  I recently suffered a bereavement and had to ring Lois for help at very short notice.  Nothing was too much trouble and she took my dogs that night at 9.30pm, it was a great comfort to me and for which I thank her” - 2 x labradors



“Lois is a lovely lady and is extremely passionate about her work and has a great love of animals, especially dogs” Veterinary Nurse

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