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How do I employ your services?

Initial contact can be made via phone or email. We then arrange a mutually convenient time for us to get together for a consultation, where we can discuss and make detailed notes on your dog(s) usual routine (feeding, exercise etc) and I will need to see proof of your dogs up to date vaccination records, I will need to take a copy to keep on file.

Bookings are not guaranteed until the 50% deposit is paid.  Any deposits will be held on account where 14 days notice is given for cancellations. If less than 14 days notice is give no refund will be given.

Consultations may take around 45 mins to 1 hour and signed permissions will be asked for regarding;



Vet information

Off Lead 


Crate Useage

Management of dogs uder 12 months of age

Emergency contact(s)

Terms and Conditions

There will also be an Introduction Assessment of your dog(s) with my own/resident dogs at the consultation. An overnight trial (at usual cost) can also be arranged.


What is the routine for my dog(s) when in your care?

All dogs have different routines and these will be observed as exact as possible - medication can be administered, this will be detailed on the Client Questionnaire, if they will need medication from our consultation to arrival day, please let us know so that we may diarise this.  For example: Some dogs require more or less exercise than others.  Some are on 1 - 3 feeds a day. 

All dogs are allowed to socialise and play together whilst in our care.


How secure are your facilities? 

There are 4 exits in case of an emergency, all outside access areas are double secured and the exercise area is double fenced 6ft and 4ft.  It is fully paved to ensure no digging out can happen and two gates that lead out to direct access to Muscliffe Park.  


On Lead / Off Lead?

Usually new dogs are on-lead until we are confident they will recall to me in our environment and on the park/at the river, however if you want your dogs off lead, we will require an off-lead waiver to be signed to acknowledge you understand the reasons they are not initially let off whilst in our care is for their safety and welfare.  

Written permission does not guarantee your dog(s) will be let off their lead if circumstances dictate.


We reserve the right to cut short exercise times in extreme weather conditions (heat, storms, snow)and other enrichment will take place.


What happens if dogs don’t get on? 

Use of Dog Crates; 

Our facilities have a dedicated dog room (2 dividing rooms), dog kitchen, dedicated outside area and also the use of the family kitchen and lounge.  The each of the dog rooms are equipped with crates, vet bedding and crate covers.  These are essential for feeding time separation, if a dog becomes unwell, and for dogs that are crate trained/training and to provide them with their own space. If dogs do not get on, whilst there are 3 separate areas available to them at times when other dogs are coming in/going out or with new client consultations it is safer and provides a calming environment for the aggressor.  Dogs are not left crated for any length of time and doors are left open (other than feeding times, and overnight where permissions are signed and forms part of your dogs usual routine at home).


Dogs from the same family can be crated together or separately depending on their usual routine at home.


My own dogs are crated for feeding and at night.  In my experience crating is the safest and most secure way of ensuring a dogs welfare.  Because I have crates it does not mean they are always used it is very dependent on which dog(s) are in and the mix of breeds, however I do understand that some people do not like the idea of crating and I whole-heartedly respect that - you have to be happy that our facilities are the right place for your dog(s).

However if you don't want or understand the reasons for crating in this environment then I am not the dog carer for you. 


Are there anytime you are not available?

I am not available for drop-off’s or pick ups between 8am - 9am and from 3pm - 4pm Monday to Friday (term times).


We do not take dog(s) for one night on a Saturday night or daycare on a Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays.


Christmas bookings are on a minimum 3 night basis (Christmas Eve until 27th December) and there is a surcharge of £15 per dog for the Christmas (eve, day and boxing day) and New Year (eve and day) period.

There are no other surcharges for any other time of the year.


We do not hold consultations on a Sunday


We are available by phone or email at anytime. 


Drop off’s and Pick up’s are strictly by arrangement.


What if I am delayed?

For any substantial delays please contact me as soon as possible and we will try to accommodate any late pick up’s, however this may mean that you will have to collect your dog(s) the next day and this will be at extra cost to you.


What services do you offer?

We are available for overnight, short or long term holiday boarding and for daycare.  There is no minimum or maximum number of nights (except for one off Saturday nights and for the Christmas period).


Dog(s) will need to be dropped off and collected at a time agreed.  Drop off or pick ups must be made no later than 7pm on weekdays and 6pm on Weekends/Bank Holidays.


We cannot take any non-boarding/non-daycare walking clients at this time.


What is you In Case of Emergency procedure?

At our consultation we will require an ICE contact name and number.  This can be your Vet, friend/family member or if there is no-one suitable you may “accept my decision".  If your dog becomes unwell every attempt will be made to contact you/ICE to receive your instructions.  IF in case of accident or medical emergency your dog will be taken immediately to (where possible) your own vet, otherwise the out of hours (which my vet offers) and you will be contacted as soon as possible.


All veterinary costs incurred by Nuts about Mutts will need to be reimbursed upon collection where no insurance is available/condition not covered.


It’s best to inform your vet that you will be leaving your dog(s) in our care for the duration of their stay, just in case.


What do I need to bring with me for my dog(s) stay?

Their food, bedding (or something familiar that smells of home) although I do provide vet-bed and bedding, their lead, any medication and specific dog treats.  Please do not bring hard plastic dog beds.  Everything else is here ready for their stay.


My dog is on Raw Diet is that ok?

Yes no problem at all, my own dogs are fed on a raw diet.  We have 2 dedicated fridge/freezers located in the dog kitchen and the dog room. 


Can I bring toys/bones/pigs ear style treats? 

Dog(s) may have their own toys and treats however they would have to be separated from other dogs to ensure no aggression or possessiveness can occur.  Some dogs have ‘sleeping buddy toys’ and this is no problem to accommodate.


We are located at:

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